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Integrated Internet Marketing; 10 Ways to Attract Online Customers

Thursday, September 22nd 2011 at 11:12am


1. Woo your competition’s dissatisfied customers. No, it’s not stealing customers. After all, many of the people complaining publicly about your competition are no longer their customers anyway. There are lots of ways to search for these potential customers. Search Twitter by keyword, set up Google alerts for your competitors brand, do Google searches in forums and discussions, or use any of the countless software programs that monitor the Web for complaints about products, services, brands or companies in your industry. 

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2. Write articles for other sites. If you’re a Colorado Realtor specializing in relocation, why not offer a short piece on “5 Tips for a Smooth Move” that you can offer to Denver moving companies or furniture rental stores in exchange for a live link to your real estate website?

3. Use targeted online ads. Do you offer cosmetic dentistry in Denver? Consider placing geo-targeted Google ads with phrases like “cheap veneers” (People search and respond to the word “cheap” when they really want “inexpensive.”) and “whiten teeth.”

4. Offer discounts to e-newsletter subscribers. Not everyone who receives your email newsletter has purchased from you, right? So offer a special deal for first-time ecommerce customers.

5. Promote coupon codes on deal sites. You’ve probably used one of these sites when looking for coupon codes for Dominos,, and other big ecommerce websites. They include sites like and Share your ecommerce site’s discount codes. It’s sometimes enough to persuade a customer who is on the fence between two companies.

6. Offer special deals at your check-in sites. Visitors to free location-based social networking sites like Foursquare, Loopt, Brightkite and Gowalla check in pretty much expecting coupons, deals and discounts. The good news is that shoppers searching for coupon codes are typically on the cusp of buying.

7. Share time-sensitive offers on social media sites. Post your “Free Shipping Week!” or “10% off for the month of October” reminders on Facebook, Twitter and Ning.

8. Add a live link to your email signature. If you don’t already have a live link in your email signature to your ecommerce site, add it TODAY.

9. Offer expert advice on forums and Q & A sites. No one knows Colorado waterfront property better than you do, so why not promote your real estate services on forums dedicated to talks about buying land or homes in Colorado? Tell them about the beautiful historic buildings surrounding Evergreen Lake. Or why that mountain property on the river is perfect for fly-fishermen or trail-lovers.

10. Promote (and update!) your blog regularly. If you’re looking to build a customer base you’ve got to determine your targeted buyers personas. If you specialize in installed hearing loop systems for churches, a very defined buyer persona might be music directors at medium to large churches in the Denver Metro Area and Pikes Peak Region. That means your blogs should offer these music directors some valuable information – and not necessarily always about your product or service. Give them tips, advice and other resources. Use keywords to help build your SEO ranking with Google, and update your blog (which should be attached to your ecommerce site!) regularly. This means at least once a week, but more frequently if you can find the time. Promote your blog posts on your social media sites, in your e-newsletter, on your website and in other promotional marketing material.


Remember, finding customers online is good. But customers finding YOU is even better!


How is your business integrating Internet marketing? Share your successes here.


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